What We Treat at Georgetown Orthopedics

At Georgetown Orthopedics, we treat everything that ails your bones, joints, and muscles. That's what Orthopedics is all about. Below is just a sample list of common ailments or injuries that we see.

• Sports Medicine
• Hip Surgery
• Knee Pain
• Shoulder Surgery
• Carpal Tunnel
• Tendonitis
• Muscle Strain
• Advanced Arthroscopic Rotator Repair

• Total Joint Replacement
• Tension Neck Syndrome
• Epicondylitis
• Lower Back Pain
• Trigger Finger
• Ligament Sprain
• Rotator Cuff


• Computer Assisted Joint Replacement
• Arthritis
• Frozen Shoulder
• Osteoarthritis
• Tennis Elbow
• Depuytren’s Contracture
• Bursitis
• Hip Pain
• Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome
• Ganglion Cyst
• Elbow Pain
• Wrist Pain
• Ankle Pain
• Foot Pain
• Toe Pain
• Finger Pain

Risk Factors of Orthopedic Ailments

Orthopedic ailments vary greatly in symptoms and yours may vary greatly too. However, these are some common symptoms of many types of orthopedic injuries that may require treatment. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact us at Georgetown Orthopedics today.

• Warmth of Tendons or Ligaments
• Joint Stiffness
• Joint Swelling/Inflammation
• Stiff Tendons or Ligaments
• Loss of Strength
• General Fatigue
• Fever
• General Sense of Not Feeling Well
• Loss of Joint Movement
• Abnormal Lung/Heart/Kidney Function • Joint Pain
• Redness or Warmth at Joint
• Muscle Pain
• Muscle Stiffness
• Muscle Warmth
• Pain of Tendons/Ligaments
• Swelling of Tendons/Ligaments

Risk Factors of Orthopedic Ailments

Injury to the musculoskeletal system is commonly caused by repetitive movements, jerking movements, accidents, falls, and other trauma. While the causes of specific injuries vary, the risk factors can be broken into two categories – ergonomic and individual risk factors. Risk factors for musculoskeletal injury include:

• Forceful impact to the joints, tendons, ligaments, or bones
• Repetitive movements
• Poor posture
• Poor work practices
• Poor fitness
• Poor health habits
• Contact sports
• Heavy lifting
• Intense physical activity
• Jerking movements
• Falls


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